gothic chamber music

Chamber Works

Chamber Works

2LP | CD | Digital | Streaming

Written, composed, arranged
& produced by Alexander Zafiropoulos

1. Spleen Personality
2. Giants
3. Narrations of a marooned pirate
4. Wax Arlequin
5. As a boy, I never liked buffoons
6. Time, carnivorous Time
7. Henceforth, I seldom repose in it
8. Sleep Remedy
9. Less womb than the skin suggests

total running time - 45:53

CHAMBER WORKS is a song cycle for intimate salons and small audiences. The music makes use of a wide variety of classical and acoustic instruments, demure baritone vocals and a powerful mixed vocal ensemble; all skilfully assigned to a certain role, for the purpose of dramatising the written words. The poetry tells of the artist’s self-awareness and his sense of duty, in the context of tormenting memories of a fearful and bitter boyhood. The album’s artwork, with photography lightly informed by the aesthetics of the English Victorian era, is designed as a pocket poetry book, battered and difficult to date.

Because of Alexander’s determination to fulfil his artistic vision of the ideal Crestfallen debut album without any compromise or haste, “Chamber Works” carries the cardinal quality of a work 8 years in the making: the assurance that it is done right.

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